The history of Lundhags

In 1932 the Swedish shoemaker Jonas Lundhag created the first pair of the now famous Lundhags Shell boots. He started manufacturing the Lundhags Boots in a small workshop outside Östersund in the region of Jämtland. His sense of uncompromising quality and function, combined with the useful and practical design made the Lundhags Boots so popular. Today Lundhags Boots are made from modern materials crafted by artisans in the traditional manner.

lundhags shell boots

shell boots by lundhags


The principle of the Lundhags Boots

The principle of the Lundhags Boots is both ingenious and simple. The shoes do not have a fixed sewn in (Gore-tex-) lining like common hiking boots, you have to choose and build the lining of your boots according to the requirements by combining various pairs of socks. So you can easily adjust the Lundhags Boot to the current temperature and weather situation, also a wet Lundhags shoe dries much faster than a traditional hiking boot by just changing socks.

Some Lundhags Shell Boots:

  • Lundhags Syncro:The most advanced Lundhags boot ever. A 3-layer shell boot made from modern materials. Allegedly used by the Sirius patrol.
  • Lundhags Ranger:A stout, 1-layerded Lundhags shell boot in a modern style. Medium or high shaft.
  • Lundhags Mira:A high and advanced shell boot, developed specifically for the needs of women.
  • Lundhags Bielne:A traditional, one-layered Lundhags Boot made out of full grain ecological leather.
  • Lundhags Park:The Park is a medium-high boot in a classic style. Simple and beautiful.

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