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The Sirius Patrol, Greenland and Lundhags


Logo of the Patrol

Greenland is the largest island in the world, over 80% of the surface of Greenland are permanently covered by ice in winter temperatures of down to -70 ° C, in the short summer months the thermometer rises on the coast on up to 15 ° C, ice to just 0 degrees. With a population of approximately 55 000 inhabitants of Greenland is sparsely populated (0.026 inhabitants per square km, compared to Germany: 229) and does not have its own armed forces for national defense. Greenland is a politically autonomous self-governing part of Denmark, Greenland’s national defense is therefore for the Danish armed forces.

History of the patrol

In defense of Greenland in 1941, the middle of World War II, founded the so-called Sirius Patrol („Siriuspatruljen“) to the German invasion of the north-east coast of Greenland to hold. One discovered a team of the Sirius Patrol, 1942, the secret German weather station “ Holzauge „on Greenland. The patrols were continued after the war, now a thing of the Sirius Patrol 14 soldiers and more than 80 sled dogs.

Tasks of the Sirius Patrol

The tasks of the Sirius patrol includes the preservation of Danish sovereignty over Greenland, police duties in the Northeast Greenland National Park, and the military surveillance of North and Northeast Greenland. In this case the patrols operate in two-man teams, each with 11 home bred sled dogs and a sled up to 400 kg. The 6 dog sled patrols operate from February to May and in winter two months from November. The daily march route is up to 50 kilometers, the team camped in tents or huts of a supply of 65, in addition to approximately 350 emergency hut located in northern Greenland.

Tough demands on human, dog sled & Material

Lundhags Boots

Lundhags Boots used by the Sirius Patrol

As the patrol teams are often made many months on your own and completely independently operate under the toughest conditions, the patrol members must withstand the most physical and psychological loads. Also, the equipment of Sirius must withstand high loads, is therefore used only the best, proven and tested equipment hard. In addition to tents made of heavy cotton cloth (as flame resistant), traditionally crafted dog sleds and touring skis back on patrol reaches the shell of Lundhags boots.

Sirius & Lundhags

Lundhagsboots are ideally suited for use under such extreme conditions:

  • The high base made of sturdy shoes, water and wetterresistentem Certech cellular rubber is ideal for use in ice and, thanks to micro air bubbles trapped exhibits superior insulation properties.
  • The shoes do not have a fixed sewn lining. The shoe lining is formed by socks and insoles, making it even individually adaptable to the feet. Thus, the shoes are easy to dry and much more durable than shoes with membrane lining.
  • Thanks to the uncompromising high quality of materials used and the perfect, no-frills processing you can rely on the Shell-boots from Lundhags. A broken shoe would be fatal to a patrol tour in Greenland.
  • Lundhagsboots are not made of the latest, most advanced and lightest functional materials, only tested, proven and robust materials are used, which are also rooted in the hard months of continuous use in the Greenland ice.

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